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When you are looking for the best herbal penis enhancement pills you may be rest assured that you may have stumbled upon one of them – VigRx Plus Pills.

Vigrx Plus Pills – The Leading Herbal Penis Enhancement Supplement

When something is good then there are tendencies for people to try to copy or plagiate it. VigrxPlus pills are no exceptions and that is why we have taken the effort to do the review so that you will be able to differentiate fake from the original.

The first indication of a fake Vigrx Plus pill is if you are told to buy it elsewhere other than the official website. All other sources should raise alarm and point to the fact that somebody might be trying to dupe you out of your money.

Review Of VigRxPlus Pills $69.00
  • Effectiveness
  • Quality Of Ingredients
  • Results Of Clinical Studies
  • Doctor Endorsement
  • Side Effects
  • Customer And After Sale Support
  • Bonuses
  • Money Back Guarantee (67 Days)
  • Customer Testimonials
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Breakdown Of Our Review

We are going to take each point of this review one by one and explain why we have rated the way we did. We are also going to support our ratings with evidence.

Effectiveness And Result Of Clinical Studies Of VigRx Plus

As far as effectiveness is concerned, our opinion is that VigRx Plus pills rank second to none. This can be attributed to the quality of the selected herbs as well as the ingredients used.

75 real men participated in the first clinical study spanning a period of 84 days!

  • 58.97% of them noticed increase of their ability to penetrate their partners.
  • 71.43 of the men had increase of their overall satisfaction during sexual intercourse.
  • 47% of increase was noticed in their sexual desire and sex drive.
  • A fantastic 78% saw increased size while their penises were in the erect state.
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Doctor Endorsement Of VigRxPlus

The use of herbal supplements has been an uncomfortable topic for conventional doctors and not many of them are ready to even think about it talk less of giving their approval. This however is not the case with Vig Rx Plus pills.

Dr. Steven Lamm
dr. lamm recommends vigrx plus pills
“I constantly investigate new solutions and herbal supplements which I believe can be of help to my patients in improving the quality of their sex lives. I was amazed at the way VigRx Plus works.

Prescription medications only give results on short time and they only deal with the symptoms not the cause. In such cases the problem reoccurs once you stop taking them…

…I am extremely critical of a lot of natural sexual enhancers but I gladly recommend VigRx Plus to every man who wants to improve their penis functioning as well as over all sexual performance…”

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Dr. Lamm has been a supporter of herbal male supplements. The above endorsements confirms that but now watch this video and listen to what he has to say from his own mouth.

doctor lahm says vigrx plus pills penis enhancement are one of the best

Real Results With VigRx Plus

Here are a few of the testimonials. These success stories were voluntarily sent by men who have used Vigrx Plus and still using it.

I noticed that my penis size increased within 6 weeks of using Vigrx Plus Pills.
Ari Bailey, Lexington, PA.

The thickness (girth) of my penis increased. I noticed that when I found out that the cock ring I was wearing became too small. So I used the last setting.
William Troxel, Piney Flats, Tennessee

How Safe Are VigRxPlus Pills?

This herbal penis enhancer is very safe for use by just any man. For over 10 years since it was first introduced to the market, no report of any negative side effects has been recorded. Considering that VigRxPlus is used by thousands of men on a daily basis we can confidently say that this herbal product is completely safe.

…No Negative Side Effects Reported!

In order to further guarantee safety, the makers have gone lengths to make sure that only the best quality ingredients are used under careful selection and rigorous monitoring of the entire manufacturing process in FDA approved laboratories.

Ingredients Used To Make VigRx Plus Pills

The ingredients used to make VigRx Plus may be found in some other herbal male sexual performance enhancers but the formulation is quite different. By specialy combining these ingredients under strict regulations, the formula is unique.

  • Bioperine
    Bioperine is a newly added ingredient of VigRxPlus which makes it even more effective. In fact it can be seen as Piperine in certain medical literature. It is an extract from Black pepper. The extract Piperine was patented and called BIOPERINE. Its main role is to enhance the absorption of nutrients into the body. This feature makes VigRx Plus a fast acting male enhancement supplement.
  • Damiana Extract
    It is the extract that is used as an ingredient of VigRx Plus Pills. Damiana goes by the scientific name of Turnera Diffusa. Historically this herb was used by the Mayans as a source of libido enhancement for both men and women. It is a wonderful source of energy and also was used for sexual stimulation, treatment of impotence in men and for relieving women of problems associated with menstruation. The plant can be found in the Southern part of USA like California and Texas as well as in Central America.

Where To Buy Vigrx Plus?

A few years ago, this would have been an easy answer to an easy question. Today that question is a little tricky to answer as I am going to explain in the next few lines.

Up to 1 year or two ago, the only place where you can buy VigRX Plus is ONLY through their official website. That strategy was designed in order to help distinguish between the genuine product and the fake one.

Today, I have seen this products being offered (from third-party vendors) on the websites of very popular retailers like Ebay, Amazon and even Walmart. I will be honest with you, I cannot say whether the sources have been verified or not. Therefore if you decide to buy your package of Vigrx Plus on such sites, I am not sure you will be covered by the fabulous VigRXPlus Money Back Guarantee.

Customer And After Sale Service

Of all the manufacturers of herbal penis enhancement supplements whether pills, oil or patches Vigrx Plus has one of the best customer services. They also have after sale service all geared towards the customer (YOU) to enable you to get the maximum results from their product.

All the information you need as their customer can be found on their customer service page offering Toll Free calls for both international and North American customers.

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Bonuses Offered By VigrxPlus

Again it is unusual for any manufacturer or vendor of any sexual enhancement product to offer fabulous bonuses to their clients but VigRxPLus does exactly that. They offer a series of bonuses depending on how many month supply you buy. The bonuses range from:

  • Free shipping
  • Free membership on male enhancement website
  • $25 worth of Gift Card to the Natural Health Source
  • Free bottle containing 6 pills of Semenax to further help you to increase your sperm production.

You of course know the importance of increased semen ejaculate volume in male sexual performance don’t you?

67-Day Risk Free Guarantee

According to the makers of Vigrx PLus, there is a risk free money back guarantee if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the results you get by using VigRx Plus. They will refund the money you paid when you bought their product if you return the Vigrx Plus empty containers within 67 days. No Questions asked.

Our Opinion

We have decided to give Vigrx Plus a rating of 4 stars on guarantee policy. We have seen herbal penis enhancement product manufacturers who offered up to 180 days for guarantee period. This is not to say that VigrxPlus Pills are not good, on the contrary they are ranked among the best on the market.

We feel that a manufacturer of a reputation like VigrxPlus should offer better guarantee.

Try VigRx Plus Risk Free Today!

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