Erectile Dysfunction: 8 Helpful Tips

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It is only the men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction that know what they are going through because they are faced with other personal issues that may further aggravate an already difficult situation.

Here we are going to see the major causes of erectile dysfunction and the steps needed to be taken in order to reduce the risk of contacting it and of course suggestions on how to treat it completely.

If their partners have no understanding for their situation all kinds of things may happen – finding another man who is more capable for instance and worse still if the more capable man happen to be your friend or close associate.

Here are 10 helpful tips for erectile dysfunction that if you understand them and take the necessary steps you may have the last laugh. There are 10 major causes of this male sexual disorder and if you know them then you will also know how to solve them.

The 8 Tips Major Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

1. Depression Can Cause ED

Depression can make you have erectile dysfunction because it affects your brain. The action for penile erection starts in the brain and then the signal is sent to other parts of the body which are responsible for an intercourse to take place.

The action may be triggered by the following.

  • Sight – what your eyes see is transmitted to your brain. The face and/or any part of the body of a potential sex mate makes you think: “wow! I love what I am looking at!”
  • Smell – It is a know thing that a lot of men are sexually aroused when they sense the smell of their partners.
  • Touch – A gentle touch and a loving caress of any part of your body (erogenous zones) by your partner can wake up your natural instinct for a sexual intercourse.
  • Sound – Maybe the sound of her sensual voice or a special sound something like a romantic music coming to your ears is what turns you on.
  • Thought – The thought of a previous sexual encounter can trigger your emotions and make you wish for a repeat of such encounters or even spark your sexual imaginations.

your nutrition can help you fight erectile dysfunction

While all the above outlined sources of sexual triggers are not the only ones if you are depressed, your mind and senses become blocked and before you know it erectile dysfunction has taken the hold of you.

Believe it or not, medications that are meant to be used in order to tackle depression can also block your sex drive or libido as some people like to call it. This is an irony because you try to treat an illness and the medications give you another.

TIP 1: Stay away if you can from all things that cause depression. Do a lot of research about how you can overcome depression but make sure the solutions do not give you negative side effects.

2. Alcohol Abuse

A surge of libido can be caused by a few drinks, you are a little high and “that thing under your pants starts to protest” at the sight of every woman you see. Sometimes alcohol makes you see feel sexually over excited but if you are having too much of it you are heading towards the disaster of having erectile dysfunction.

Alcohol can help your health if you drink moderately. It is known to help reduce the risks of heart diseases.

Tip 2: If you like to have a few drinks with friends or have it socializing. Please don’t make a mess of it and yourself. There is no harm in keeping it moderate. If you can’t control your drinking you will do yourself a big favor by quitting altogether.

3. Certain Medications

Certain medications can cause erectile dysfunction. There are a number of medications which are common such as those taken to relief pain, antidepressants and blood pressure reducing drugs. They can reduce your sexual performance in the bedroom.

The most popular prescription drug for fighting erectile dysfunction – Viagra has a warning about its negative interactions with medications for treating heart diseases because they contain nitrates. Other forms of medication too are potential sources.

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TIP 3: You may want to talk with your doctor and ask about the reactions and probable side effects of the medications you may be taking or you intend to take.

4. Stress Is Not Your Friend

In our modern world stress is everywhere and every person can be a victim anytime. Modern lifestyle is full of stressful components. Work over load, lack of enough rest, family and/or relationship breakdown you name it.

There is no way a person under pressure or stress can perform well in sex. Your mind is off to somewhere else (talk about the brain) while your partner is making efforts to get it up by employing various methods.

If you are worried about how to provide food on the table for your family you can’t have proper penile erection, let us say you come home tired out from your working place, you will find it difficult to produce and maintain an erection. Are you worried about being laid off? Erectile dysfunction might be knocking on your door. If this, if that and the list goes on.

TIP 4: Relax, take things easy. After all it is not the end of the world. Go out with friends and have a good time. Do a lot of exercises. Make sure you sleep well. PLEASE DON’T TAKE SLEEPING PILLS TO MAKE YOU SLEEP!

5. Overweight And Obesity

Too much fat in your body is a sure way to make you experience erectile dysfunction. Erections occur when there is a good flow of blood to the penis. Anything that disturbs this flow of blood can cause havoc. Fat is a culprit that causes blockage of the blood vessels. Obesity is known to cause high blood pressure and so therefore you don’t want that either.

TIP5: Make sure you don’t put on too much weight and if you do, make efforts to reduce it. A sound body is a sound mind they say. There are a lot of weight loss methods and you can find one that suits you perfectly.

6. Negative Self Image

This is a psychological thing. Some men have such a negative picture of themselves that it becomes a burden. They don’t like certain aspects of themselves. In most cases it is their physical appearance. They look into the mirror and they are horrified at their looks. This in turn places an extra burden on them thinking if they don’t like what they see what will make their sex partners like it?

The simple thought of a partner not liking them for what they are causes anxiety which can either result in erection failure or in rare occasions even premature ejaculation. They are so up tied with how the partner will react that they lose self esteem – another frequent cause for erectile dysfunction.

TIP 6: Always have a positive opinion about yourself. Men are not born equal and if you think you are not good looking enough remember that there are always people who look uglier than you. Think about your good aspects since every man has an area where he is better than others. Set your mind on the impending sexual encounter.

7. Having Low Libido

A man’s libido or sex drive can drop due to various reasons. The cause of reduced libido is another topic entirely but they may include lack of adequate amount of testosterone (sex hormone), old age or something else.

In my upcoming posts and reviews I will be touching topics about the causes of low libido in men and ways it can be increased. So be on alert for them.

TIP 7: In case you have figured out that your libido is low and that is the reason for your erectile dysfunction, you should talk to your doctor about it. Moreover there are many natural supplements that can help you increase your libido. Your nutrition also has influence not only on your libido but on your general health as a whole.

8. Your Nutrition

Nutrition as has been said can have impact of your health generally and not only erectile dysfunction. Your body needs nutrients to make it function properly and poor diet is surely an ally to erectile dysfunction.

TIP 8: Make sure you eat healthy. Food items such as whole grains, fish, poultry, dairy, vegetables etc will make you fit and bouncing in full health. Avoid junk food by all means.

Finally if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction and you are serious about treating it the first thing you should do is to first discuss about it with your partner. Don’t be ashamed since it is a thing every man has to face one time or the other in a lifetime. You will not be the only man having erectile dysfunction. The next step is to talk with your doctor and try to find the most appropriate solution.

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