How Much Does Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost?

penis enlargement surgery cost

We have had a lot and I mean a lot of men asking us questions such as “Do you guys know how much does a typical penis enlargement cost?” Finally, we decided to write this blog post about penis enlargement surgery and in so doing, air our personal opinion. I would rather say the opinion of this writer.

Pay Attention Before You Continue

To be frank with you, I have never been and never will be a fan of any “augmentation surgery”. If a surgery is warranted in order to save a life or to repair a damaged part of a human body, then I am all for it. But if a surgery is for augmentation such as modifying lips which are not damaged, lifting the chin or increasing the size of the penis for that matter, I am not for it and will never endorse such practices. I am as well as the staff here at Herbalhealthformen is all naturally oriented people. We believe in making things as natural as possible.

At the end of this post, we will make our recommendations about what we believe are the best, safest and most cost effective methods that can enlarge your penis without headache.

Since our readers constantly ask the questions, we are more than ready to oblige them. Notwithstanding, we will strive to provide the most accurate information about the cost of penis enlargement surgery to the best of our ability without any reserved prejudice.

The most common question that arises when determining the cost of penis enlargement surgery is: how much does penile augmentation cost? There are several options available. Among them, there is liposuction, which involves removing excess fat from the thighs or abdomen. This fat is then injected under the skin of the penile shaft, where it eventually gets reabsorbed by the body. Alternatively, skin and fat can be injected from the buttocks into the penile shaft for a longer-lasting effect.

The Cost Of Various Penis Enlargement Procedures Involving Surgeries

Penis Enlargement Option Average Cost
Penuma Implant $16,000 – $25,000
Division of Suspensory Ligament $15,000 – $25,000
AlloDerm $10,000 – $15,000
Derma Filler $25,000 – $30,000
Fat injections $14,000 – $30,000

Various Options Of Penis Enlargement Surgery

Below, we review a couple of the most popular methods of penis enlargement surgery. Each method addresses specific options and each method can be chosen by a potential client. Let us go ahead and study each of them.

Dermal Fillers For Penis Enlargement

Dermal fillers are injections of collagen-based or hyaluronic acid into the skin. The purpose of the treatment is to add length and girth to the penis. This procedure is best performed by a qualified medical professional under strict aseptic standards.

The procedure is performed while the patient is awake, under a local anesthetic and topical numbing cream. The procedure can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours. The patient will be wrapped for at least two days after the injection. A stretchy bandage will be applied to the penis after the procedure. A couple of weeks after the procedure, men can resume normal sexual activities. Swelling is normal after the procedure, but there is a risk of bruising and mild pain.

Dermal filler for penile girth enhancement procedure in our opinion is by no means an ideal solution for men who have flaccid or undersized penises. A minimally invasive procedure using dermal fillers, hyaluronic acid, or collagen, is definitely NOT an excellent way to increase penile girth without surgery.

Hyaluronic acid-based fillers mimic the body’s natural tissue. They are highly biocompatible and are widely used to augment penile girth. Hyaluronic acid-based fillers like Bellafill(r) can give men a longer-lasting enlargement and a male partner’s satisfaction is high.

Our Take

Many doctors and surgeons who practice with dermal fillers claim they are safe, non-surgical, and have an excellent success rate. While we have no intention to contradict their claim, we surely don’t recommend this. We don’t like having to pump substances into your body in other to make your penis bigger. Period!

Scientific Data

Study conducted from January 2018 to December 2019 involving 230 men who went through penis enlargement with hyaluronic acid injection. The follow-ups show various successes but also showed complications. We think that it would be a smart thing to read about this study before you jump up and fill your penis with dermal fillers.

If you want to increase your penis with dermal fillers, it is your choice and you have yourself to blame if anything goes wrong which is a probability.

Subcutaneous Soft Silicone Implant

This procedure involves implantation of a silicone implant under the skin. An eight-cm horizontal incision is made in the suprapubic area and a pocket is prepared bluntly between Buck’s fascia and Dartos fascia. The implant is intussuscepted and the surgeon selects the correct implant size. The distal end of the implant is secured with absorbable sutures, and the mid and proximal implant margins are closed with absorbable sutures.

A patented and FDA-approved penile implant, known as Penuma, was introduced into a patient after penile enlargement surgery. It was developed to prevent surgery-associated penile shortening and subcutaneous “bumps” and to increase penile length and girth. The surgical procedure uses a 3/4-inch silicone tube inserted through a suprapubic incision. Penuma implants come in three sizes and are FDA-approved.

The size of a man’s penis plays a major role in his self-esteem. Men with small members feel inferior and shy away from sexual intercourse. This can cause intimacy problems, even suicidal thoughts. A Beverly Hills urologist developed a surgical technique to treat this problem. During this $13,000 procedure, a silicone implant is placed under the skin of the penile shaft. After about two months, it has the potential to grow an inch in length.

Patients who opt for the subcutaneous soft silicone implant procedure should be aware of the risks and complications associated with it. Aside from possible risks, this procedure can be expensive. You may want to consider CareCredit or a personal loan to pay for the procedure. A JP drain is placed during surgery and is removed three days after the surgery. For two weeks, patients should not lift anything heavier than 25 pounds. They should also avoid sexual stimulation and touching their penis for four weeks.

Our Take

$13,000 just to make your penis bigger and that with surgery? With implanting unnatural substances into your body? And the procedure is not 100% safe? I can feel a chill run down my spine right now. I mean there are stories of penile implant surgeries gone wrong and wonder why anybody would want to risk and then pay such an amount of money for something you are not even sure you will come out of it unscathed.

Dermal Fat Graft

There are several risks associated with dermal fat graft for penis augmentation surgery. These complications include an uneven appearance, a lack of volume, and scarring. In addition, there is no guarantee that the penis will stay enlarged for life. The benefits of dermal fat graft for penis enlargement surgery are comparable to those of other body parts. This procedure requires a donor site. This site is not always available for thin men. Are you paying attention?

This procedure is performed by removing part of the pubic area’s epidermis and then implanting the graft into the penis. The surgeon performs the procedure through a suprapubic incision. This procedure requires a single session and will usually be completed in about an hour. The patient can return to sexual activity four weeks after the procedure. A resorbable thread will be used to close the surgical incision.

The injected fat will often dissolve over time. Occasionally, large amounts of fat will cause curvature, fat nodules, or irregularity. Although dermal fat graft for penis enlargement surgery is safe and effective, some risks include poor graft survival and fat resorption. Patients should consult with their doctor before undergoing the procedure. In rare cases, severe complications may occur. Are you crazy to go for this kind of penis enlargement surgery?

Mojo Max

Men seeking an alternative to penis enlargement surgery are choosing to use the Mojo Shot, a non-surgical procedure incorporating stem cell therapy. Both procedures increase penis length and thickness. Both provide stronger erections, which is why men may benefit from these procedures. And, while neither procedure is a replacement for penis enlargement surgery, they do enhance the quality of life of men who have undergone this procedure.

The procedure takes 45 minutes to an hour and is performed with general anesthesia. After the surgery, your penis will be swollen for a couple of weeks, and you must abstain from masturbation for at least six weeks. There may be some temporary side effects from anesthesia, including dry mouth and dry lips. It is important to remember that the swelling is not permanent, and the procedure is highly effective for restoring masculine vigor and self-esteem.

Our Take

In simple sentence; wouldn’t a procedure which is painless does not require you to go under the knife for whatever reason be more appropriate and better?

Mojo Shot In Increasing Penile Size

The Mojo Shot is an effective, permanent enhancement option for men looking to have an erection without surgery. Unlike pills, which need to be taken before sex, the Mojo Shot can be administered whenever you want. It can improve your quality of life by restoring spontaneity and reducing erectile dysfunction symptoms. For men, the procedure may also be beneficial for patients suffering from lichen sclerosus, a condition that makes it hard for a man to have an erection.

The Mojo Shot for penis enlargement is an in-office procedure that uses advanced stem cell therapy to improve clitoral sensitivity and address erectile dysfunction. This non-surgical treatment is not a medication, but instead utilizes stem cells to improve the body’s natural production of testosterone and growth factors. Men, in particular, can benefit from the Mojo Shot if they have problems achieving and maintaining erections.

This procedure takes only 20 minutes and uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from the patient’s own blood to stimulate penis growth. The P-Shot triggers blood vessel growth and helps regenerate tissue in the penis. The process is safe and effective for men of any age. It uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which contains growth factors that can make penis tissue thicker and sexier.

Cost Of Penis Enlargement Surgery

The cost of penis enlargement surgery varies widely depending on the surgeon and the type of procedure. A cosmetic surgeon who is skilled in penis enlargement surgery will charge more than a plastic surgeon with a lower level of expertise. The surgery usually takes 6 months to complete, and the cost will depend on the surgeon’s experience. An average cost of penis enlargement surgery is around $10,000.

The complexity of the procedure and the surgeon’s skill level will determine the cost. The more intricate the procedure, the more it costs. Anesthesiologists are medical doctors who specialize in this procedure and will charge higher fees. They can improve the safety of the procedure if a patient has underlying medical conditions. The price of penis enlargement surgery may also depend on the location of the doctor’s practice. Luxury practices or clinics in major cities may have higher overhead costs.

The costs of penis enlargement surgery can range from ten to fifteen thousand dollars. The procedure can be done by a board-certified doctor with experience and expertise. However, some surgeons use other types of implants. For example, a suture can result in infection. Another factor that can increase the cost of penis enlargement surgery is the type of anesthesia used. Some procedures require general anesthesia, while others do not require it.

Our Recommended: Non-Surgical Procedures Of Penis Enlargement

Penis Traction Extender Devices – The Best Natural Penis Enlargement Procedure

If you’re looking for a product to help you grow your penis, you might want to consider one of the many proven penis traction extender devices on the market. These devices help you grow your penis by stimulating a process known as cytokinesis. This process causes penile cells to grow due to the increased blood flow. To get the best results, you need to wear the device four to six hours a day. When you’re done using it, make sure to remove it after a few hours and follow instructions.

Some penis extenders may be uncomfortable, so make sure you have a comfortable penis extender to wear all day. The best products have a comfort pad to help you wear them for a longer period of time.

SizeGenetics – The Best Penis Extender Device

sizegenetics best penis extender device review
If you want a larger penis, you can use Sizegenetics. This device gently stretches your penis. It is not painful, and it works the same way as weight training. When you lift heavy weights, your muscles tear. The damaged cells replicate and grow larger. This is the same principle in Sizegenetics. After a couple of sessions with the device, you should see results. If you’re serious about having a bigger penis, you should know the risks and side effects before investing in this product.

The SizeGenetics extender was designed by Dr. Jon Ege Siana. It is made from high-quality materials and is CE certified. It is endorsed by medical doctors. The product also comes with a six-month money-back guarantee. This is far superior to the 60 or 90-day guarantees from other penis enlargement products. If you’re unsure of the product’s safety, you can check out a customer review to see if it’s right for you.

SizeGenetics is backed by numerous medical endorsements. In fact, it has undergone extensive scientific and clinical research, and it is proven to enlarge penis size. SizeGenetics users reported an average increase of 28% in length and girth. Many of them also reported permanent gains even after stopping using the device. In addition to this, SizeGenetics has been endorsed by penis enlargement surgeons and is reviewed in male enhancement communities. It’s even featured in popular men’s magazines. You can read our review of Sizegenetics penis traction extender device and learn more about this device.

ProExtender – Straighten Bent Penis With ProExtender

In order to benefit from ProExtender, you should be aware of its limitations and benefits. The system is designed to be worn from four to twelve hours per day. You should wear loose-fitting clothing when using the device. It is not advisable to use it when sleeping or while working out in the gym. Nevertheless, it is a good choice if you want to lengthen your penis. It is not necessary to consult a doctor before using this device.

The ultimate Proextender is a medically-certified male enhancement device that is used to improve a man’s sexual performance. It increases erection power and length and prevents premature ejaculation. This patented device comes in two versions. Both are medically-approved in the USA and Canada. This is because it has a proven track record in increasing penis length and girth, as well as improving erectile strength.

A curved penis is an affliction that can impair your performance during sexual intercourse. You may experience pain during the process, but this will pass with time. Moreover, if you suffer from Peyronie’s disease, you will not get the most pleasure from your sexual intercourse. A penis extender can help you correct this condition by gently stretching your penis skin. However, you should consult with your doctor if you experience any pain while using the device. If you choose to use one, it is best to make sure that you adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

The ultimate package comes with bonus accessories and guides for the product. For $497, you can get the complete package. The Ultimate Package includes the device, all the accessories, and guides you need, and it’s a great option for a permanent solution to penis-size issues. In addition to its permanent enlargement benefits, ProExtender also offers pain-free penis enlargement. This is a proven method for treating Peyronie’s disease and other maladies that cause curved penile tissue. You may want to visit the Proextender official website for more information.


As you can see, penis enlargement surgeries are very expensive costing upwards of $10,000. There are cheaper, safe and effective alternatives of traction devices such as the Sizegenetics penis extender as well as the Proextender. These devices have been proven to work. Now, the question is: Will you pay $10,000 for a surgery that may not be so safe and may get complications or buy a safe, inexpensive and effective traction device for less than $300? The decision is yours to make.