How To Naturally Make Yourself Cum More

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Would you like to cum more? I will then encourage you to read every part of this post because there are things you will need to know. Knowledge they say is power but if you have the knowledge and you don’t implement it then it is useless. The same goes for what I am going to share with you.

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I will try not to use any of those complicated medical terms in order to make every reader understand. I like to implement the KISS principle – “Keep It Short and Simple”. By the end, you must be armed with the know-how and the final success will depend solely on the action you take.

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Benefits Of Ability To Cum More

  • Powerful and sensational orgasms
  • Increased male fertility mode
  • Stronger penis erections at will
  • Ability to last longer in sex
  • Capability for multiple sex sessions within a short period of time
  • Prevention of premature ejaculation
  • A very, very happy sex partner

Let us start to explore how you can make yourself cum more one step at a time.

Learn How To Cum More: Differentiate Between Semen And Sperm

A lot of people mix these two words and use them as if they were the same. No, they are not but one cannot go without the other. This is probably the reason why people use them interchangeably. It is when you understand the differences that you will begin to understand the mechanisms behind producing more semen volume and more sperm count.

If you noticed, I used volume with semen and count with sperm. Here are the differences and the explanations.

What Is Semen?

Semen is the whitish fluid substance that you see when you ejaculate. You may have also heard it being called seminal fluid. Its major role is acting as a medium through which sperm cells are “transported” from one place to another. It contains fructose, nutritional substances and enzymes that keep the spermatozoids alive for a certain period of time, enough to accomplish their role in fertilization which leads to reproduction. Semen is produced in the male body by the male sexual glands, the seminal vesicle located in the male pelvic region.

Therefore, when you hear the terms cum volume or cum shot or ejaculate volume, know immediately that they are referring to semen. So, if you would like to

What Is Sperm?

Sperm is the cell from a man’s body that is responsible for reproduction. The sperm cell contains the DNA which is passed to the next generation in combination with a woman’s DNA when a man mates with a woman and they have children. The cell cannot be seen by the naked eye since it is microscopic. You may also come across sperm being referred to as the male reproductive cell. The sperm cell is responsible for a man’s ability to make a woman pregnant. There are certain characteristics of the sperm that affect the fertility of a man.

Sperm Count

sperm cells swimming towards female ovum for fertilizationThis is the measure of how many sperm cells can be found in a predetermined amount of semen volume. Are you now getting the picture? There are various standards used for determining the count. Each method has its own peculiarities depending on the person who created the method but one thing is clear – they all show very similar results. Believe it or not, there are men who don’t have a single sperm cell in their semen when analyzed. Meaning they have zero sperm count.

Such men theoretically can never have children nor make a woman pregnant. This condition is known in medical terms as azoospermia. This condition of low or no sperm count happens to just 1% of the male population. Thank God the percentage is not higher.

If your reason for wanting to make yourself to cum more or ejaculate more is to be able to become a father, then you need to go and do a sperm analysis test to determine whether you have sperm cells in your semen or not. You need to focus on how to increase your sperm count.

Sperm Motility

Of all what we have been talking, saying and writing about sperm, the most important is sperm motility. Sperm motility is a determinant of the health of sperm cells or spermatozoid. The process of fertilization (which is the natural function of semen and sperm in the first place) warrants that the sperm cells swim a certain amount of distance in order to get in contact with a female ovum and fertilize it thereby setting the stage for reproduction.

If a spermatozoid is not healthy, it cannot be motile. Can you run around if you are sick? If sperm cells are slow, then they cannot get to the female ovum and fertilize it before their limited lifespan is reached. Weak sperm cells find it difficult also in the process of fertilization. Well, sperm motility is a precursor to fertilization and a determinant of whether a man is capable of making a woman pregnant or not. This is however beyond the scope of this post. I might post something about that later, but at the moment, let us focus on why you are here on this website – to make yourself cum more whether for reproduction purposes or just for the fun of sexual satisfaction as I will be writing about in my subsequent posts.

Food Items To Make You Cum More

I like to begin with naturals. I don’t know whether you know it or not, but, food is a form of medication. When I was a kid, I remember my mum explaining to her class (she was a teacher) that food can be used as medicine. She didn’t just teach, she practiced what she taught at home. She taught us that food is a remedy against sickness of all sorts and as such she made sure we her children had healthy meals each day. Even though I hated some of the stuff she made us eat, (mind you, she was a great cook), I came to realize later in life that she was right.

Can you imagine coming back from school expecting to have a chunk of steak with one of her specialties beans sauce and then bang!!! In front of you, you had a mixture of various fruits. Diced Avocado, diced tomatoes picked from our back yard, slices of orange also from our yard, cashew cuts from our back yard, papaya dices from our back yard etc. Everything from our back yard. That was my mum’s idea of having the most out of your back yard and she managed to convince her man, my dad to manage all those.

Today, I am ever grateful to her for her vision about natural nutrition and her passion towards healthy living. Is anybody still doubtful about me starting this as an herbal male enhancement website? This is a tribute to my mum. Let’s get back to the foods that you eat and they can make you cum more. My mum didn’t teach me this. I found out reading books and research publications.

Foods That Contain Zinc

Zinc is I believe one of the most important in sperm production. There are so many sources of zinc. We are going to look into some of them in the subsequent chapters although we may not touch on everyone because there are just so many of them. Nature has given us everything we need in order to live a healthy life but we don’t pay attention to Mother Nature. Maybe it’s time we started.


Oysters are probably the most popular zinc containing food item. In some literature, you might also come across shellfish. In fact most sea foods are abundant in zinc.


The most common legume is beans. Yes, beans are rich in zinc as well as other leguminous items such as lentils and chickpeas. Although these legumes are sources of zinc, yet they may not be dependable because of phytates which they contain. Phytates are considered to be ant nutrients because they inhibit the absorption of valuable nutrients in to the body. This includes zinc also. I would stick to animal sources of zinc.

Dairy Foods

If you love milk, cheese, yogurt or any other dairy food, then you are on your way towards a better future in making yourself to cum more whenever you ejaculate.

Foods That Contain Folic Acid

In my quest to find out what food items are good for sperm production, I keep stumbling on Folic acid. I decided to dig up information about folic acid and discovered that Folic acid is a form of vitamin B and that the majority of leafy vegetables we eat have it.


Lord how I hated this vegetable and here it is sitting in front of me as a very good source of folic acid which is responsible for cell production. Sperm cells are also produced in a man’s system thanks to folic acid. A study claims that men who were eating broccoli on a daily basis were able to increase their sperm count by 70%.


Another hated vegetable which my mum made sure we ate. I told you I hated some of the stuff she made us eat didn’t I? Asparagus as a health vegetable aside from its folic acid content also boasts of high vitamin C content. It is responsible for fighting free radicals in your body and promotes the production on healthy sperm cells often called the healthy swimmers.

Now you may not like these folic acid containing and sperm production increasing food items just like me hating them. It is a compromise you will have to make in order to naturally increase your chance to make you cum more using only natural means.

Anything Nuts Can Make You Cum More

Nuts in general contain high levels or omega-3 fatty acids. These help to increase the volume of semen. They also help to improve the flow of blood to your testicles. One particular nut I would single our is Walnut. Aside from its high concentration of omwga-3 fatty acids, it also contains arginine. Arginine is a very important agent in promoting male sexual health in general.
walnut and honey, a recipe from the balkans to make a man ejaculate more sperm volumes
I know people in the Western Balkans believe that Walnut can increase you sexual virility. A very popular treat is walnut mixed with honey. You too can try it sometimes.

You will need:
1. 500 grams of walnut
2. 500 grams of honey
3. 10 cc of lemon juice.

Very simple. Mix the walnut and the honey in a container, add the lemon juice (or if you prefer, slices of lemon). Mix everything properly. Pour into a jar and close the lid. Leave it for about three days for the ingredients to mix together naturally. After the third day, you can start eating. If you can make this a part of your diet at least twice a week, you will notice afterwards that your sperm production has increased.

There are however, many other food items that can be eaten in order to boost your level of sperm production. A bit of research on your side might open up a whole lot more than the ones you are reading about on this page.

Regularly Exercises Can Increase You Sperm Production

Exercises are not good only for sperm production but for human health in general. A healthy body has a healthy mind they say. Make sure you regularly exercise your body. There are so many forms of exercise. I will name a particular one. Kegel exercises. These work out not only help you to control your climax but they can as well either directly or indirectly help you to be able to produce large volumes of semen.

Not every man is ready to wait weeks to allow the foods he has been eating to take effect, not every man has the patience or will to regularly exercise and definitely not every man loves all the food items I listed. How then can you be able to deliver massive amounts of ejaculate volumes? This brings us to the next level.

Herbal Pills Can Increase Your Cum Volume

It is difficult to keep track of all those food items and perform regular exercises. It is easier said than done. That is why a number of men rather go for other means. In this case, more and more men are now going for herbal pills that can make them cum more. Just pop a pill or two per day and you see results in one or two days instead of waiting for weeks.

These pills are made from natural ingredients. The same folic acid, zinc, Arginine as well as other male sexually enhancing ingredients found in the food items I mentioned are packaged into pills. This makes the pills natural and safe for use as opposed to chemically manufactured enhancers.

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Semenax is frequently referred to as the porn star pills. This comes from the fact that many male porn stars claimed they use it. The major function of Semenax pills is in helping you to produce massive amounts of cum. The herbal pills can help you perform sexually by increasing your libido, increasing your sexual stamina so that you can be able to last longer during sex, to experience powerful and multiple orgasms.


  • Increase of semen volume
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I think the price of $59 for a bottle containing 60 pills is a little too high. The price used to be $79 but they have decided to reduce it. Is this a permanent reduction or just a temporary one? I wouldn’t know. I think the best thing is to verify on their official order page.