SizeGenetics: Review Of Best Penis Extender Device

You are heartily welcome to a review of the Sizegenetics Penis Extender Device. This is one of the best, if not the best penis extender device you can find on the market today. This is by no means an overstatement. This assertion is not by accident nor is it a product of pitch. There are proofs as you read this review. Of course there are similar products that use the same exact technique but there is a difference.

Take for instance Chevrolet, Ford, VolksWagen, Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini etc. They are all cars aren’t they? But they are not equal. I am going to take you step by step through the characteristics of this penis enlargement traction device and support claims with evidences where applicable.

Scam Warning!

There is one very important thing I would like to share with you. It has to do with how you can avoid being ripped off and paying money for something that will probably NOT be delivered to you or something that might be delivered but of the wrong quality. The section about how to buy and where to buy SizeGenetics penis device reveals some of the methods people use to scam potential users.

Before we proceed, I want to place emphasis on the most basic advantages of using SizeGenetics penis stretcher device.

    1. Natural increase of penis length and girth by up to 30%

    2. Powerful and very strong penile erections
    3. Correction of bent penis or treatment for Peyronie’s disease
    4. Long lasting erections that enable sexual satisfaction for partner
    5. Precaution against premature ejaculation

HerbalHealthForMen And SizeGenetics Extender

sizegenetics reviews
I don’t want you to be taken by surprise because of the name of this website – Herbal Health For Men. Yes, we initially focused on herbal supplements for male sexual enhancements such as how to beat erectile dysfunctionhow to increase ejaculate volume by using herbal sperm enhancement products or methods that can be used to combat premature ejaculation. When we made the review of Vigrx Plus as top ranking herbal penis enhancement pills, people who don’t like to increase penis sizes by using pills began to ask us about how they can do so without pills. That was when we started our journey to find the best non-pill penis enlargement method and give our unbiased opinion. Now we have it. We now give you our opinion.

In our quest to find a method by which a man can increase the size of his penis without having to gulp down pills, we came across various products. We were amazed with some products and appalled by some. We were appalled by how some marketers launch a product that is worthless with the intention to get people’s money. They play on people’s feelings of insecurity. A man with a smaller than average penis size is ready to do anything and pay any amount just to have the adequate size. We may in future say something about certain penis enlargement methods which we were amazed about but now, our focus is on the Size Genetics Penis Extender Traction Device.

Our Review Of SizeGenetics Traction Penis Stretching Device $199.95
  • Effectiveness
  • Speed: Time Before You See Results
  • Price
  • Medical Endorsement
  • Customer Service And Support
  • Guarantee
  • Shipping And Handling Cost
  • Generally, What We Thing About SizeGenetics


sisgenetics exclusive packageFirst, we think that this is the best product money can buy when penis enlargement is concerned. The parts used to manufacture SizeGenetics traction penis stretching device are superior to other similar devices which are made with the same patented technology. Yes, you can find them under various names but SizeGenetics has set the standards.

We have given our assessments on the most important features such as effectiveness, endorsements from doctors, customer support, price and the works. Oh yes, we awarded straight fives for every criteria but price where we gave a 4.5 star review. This is due to the fact that we at HerbalHealthForMen believe that the best price for any merchandise is free of charge.

That not withstanding, we think that people who want to increase the size of their penises the natural way should consider SizeGenetics. It is simply the best and the safest.

buy sizegenetics penis traction extender from the offical website

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Things We Consider In Our Review

The following are things we took into consideration and based our assessments upon while reviewing this penis enlargement traction device.

1. Effectiveness. Does The Product Work?

This is the first most important criteria. We wanted to know whether the product works and does what the manufacturers claim it can do. Yes, Size genetics works. It does increase the size of a man’s penis and increases the girth as well. It passed with flying colors.

Now you may use the penis enlargement calculator below to calculate expected size of your penis after using Sizegenetics for a length of time. Please be aware that this is just an estimate. Final results in the real world depends of various factors pertaining to the user.

Calculate Your New Size.

Enter your current erect penis size in the field below, and select the number of months you will use the SizeGenetics™ Penis Enlargement Device.
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New size

2. Endorsement From Medical Authorities

Sizegenetics penis enlargement traction device comes with endorsements from reputable doctors and urologists. I always tell people to be very careful of buying any product with no endorsement or positive review from an authoritative entity. That cannot be truer for a medical device or pills or any form of medication or supplement. Your safety first.

Dr. J. Siana, MD. Inventor Of SizeGenetics.

Dr. Siana is a member of American Society of Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery, he is also a founding member of International Association Of Male Sexual Surgery. He has been involved male sexual health since 1991.

Dr. F. Knudsen, MD

Dr. Knudsen is a specialist in plastic surgery, a member of the American Society Of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

All these doctors have been using Size Genetics penis extender for their patients and highly recommend it. You can read more about their endorsements here.

3. How Fast Can You See Results?

If you are impatient like me and I believe most men are, especially when it comes to their manhood, you would like to see results as soon as possible. Right? With Size genetics Penis enlargement Traction Device, you should expect to see results after a couple of weeks. The manufacturers claim results are visible within 2 weeks. Some users claim they saw results within the first week of use while others claim to see results after a month. All in all, the general notion is that the device works which important. Our take is that 3 weeks is optimal.

4. Price

Some people say price is not important as long as you get what you paid for. This might be true but I have a different opinion especially in this penis enlargement thing. There are people who promise heaven and earth and deliver nothing but not forgetting before that to charge outrageously insane amount of money for worthless services rendered. This is why I am cautious with prices.

Also, the price can play a significant part in making your choice. You choose a cheap product only to find that the product is worthless. Now you just paid more than you are supposed to pay.

Sizegenetics is more expensive than the majority of devices that use the traction technique as a method of penis enlargement. The cheapest or what is called the Value edition costs something like $199.95. Then you have other variations that can be as high as $299.05 depending on a number of factors. I would not advice you to jump and go to their website just yet but if you are in a hurry to see what they have to offer, this link will get you there.

You can get traction devices that “promise” to enlarge you penis (I put promise in parenthesis for a reason). Such products are cheap but are not as effective and may even cause more harm than helping you to achieve bigger penis length and girth.

The decision is totally up to you whether you want a device that works but expensive or a cheap device that has the potential not to work and even cause you more harm and can even damage your penis as a result of cheap and unsafe parts. The choice is yours. Either I or one of my colleagues will do a review of one of those cheaper than SizeGenetics devices. If you would be interested to be informed when that happens, then subscribe to our Newsletter or you have the freedom to contact us by mail and we will surely let you know when the review is live.

5. Customer Support

Not many people count this as important but boy, it is extremely important. When you buy a product you have never used before, nobody can guarantee that it will work first time. If it does, then lucky you but what if it fails to work? What if you find it difficult to assemble? Supposing after buying you change your mind and want a refund? So many uncertainties. This is where customer services come in.

SizeGenetics have a fantastic customer support team. Although based in Europe, they have a team capable of communication in a number of languages thereby making it easier for non-English speaking customers. The 24/7 customer service deserves credit. One thing I would like to add is that when you go to their website, you can even chat with one of their staff online and ask tons of questions before you make your purchase or if you are just being curious to know more about the Size Genetics Penis Extender device.

6. Money Back Guarantee Offered By Sizegenetics

This is yet another factor that in extremely important when you buy anything. You want to be sure that you are getting what you paid for. If you are not satisfied with the functionalities or you just changed your mind after ordering the product you want either your money back or some sort of compensation. Well, SizeGenetics offer an unconventional money back guarantee policy.

You are covered by a fantastic 9-month, no questions asked, money back guarantee!

7. Shipping Cost Is Free.

Many sellers of similar device will charge you expenses for packaging, shipping and handling but not Sizegenetics. They will send you your order free of charge and packet in a discreet package just like any other package from the postal system of whichever country you live in. Only you will know the content. They do this in order to maintain your privacy. Nice of them. After all, you don’t want the whole neighborhood to know that you ordered a penis enlargement device do you?

How Sizegenetics Work To Enlarge Your Penis

Now that we have seen the criteria we used to review Sizegenetics penis enlargement device and have given our assessments, we are now going to delve more into the specifics and see what makes this penis extender stand out. We are first going to explore the principles of traction technique.

Traction Technique

The principle of this method is to induce your body to grow. Yes, you read it correctly. The cells of your body break and multiply and thus lead to growth of the part that is needed. This technique is what is used in penis enlargement and it lead to the eventual creation of the Sizegenetics penis device.

The traction technique was initially used in orthopedic medicine to correct body parts that have been damaged mostly as a result of accidents. This is a technique where controlled force is asserted on a part of the human body. This force acts on the part of the body to either modify the shape or size. The force is painless and you hardly feel it.

Traction technique is not new; in fact it has been used for centuries in many cultures and civilizations since the beginning of the world. It is the exact technique used by body builders. They subject their muscles to certain physical tension such as weight lifting, body workouts and so on. You have the Maasai of Kenya who stretch their earlobes or the lip plate people or the Kayan people who elongate their necks with rings. All of them use the traction force to accomplish what we now know. The exact technique is being implemented today in orthopedic surgery.
kayan people elongate necks using traction method

The video below illustrates how traction technique has been employed in Size Genetics penis extender to make your penis grow bigger both in length and girth.

Now that you have seen and heard from the video how traction method works and how the technique is implemented in the Sizegenetics penis stretcher device, you have also heard that it uses natural forces. That in a way can make us definitely say that the method is natural. Therefore, we can conclude that the most natural method of penis enlargement is by using devices that are based on the traction technology.

Where And How To Buy SizeGenetics?

Honestly, you should pay the most of your attention to this part of our review. If you have been thinking that what I have written all along is a pitch, think twice and continue to read especially this part because I am going to show you how to avoid scam and maybe save you from being duped out of your hard earned money.

If you want to buy SizeGenetics Penis Stretcher, buy it only through their official website. That is the best and the most secure option you can have. Let me prove it to you.

I don’t know about other countries but if you live in the US, there is a possibility that if you are not careful, you will be scammed. Do the following in order to see the scam I am talking about.

1. Go to Google and type Sizegenetics Walgreens in the search. The very first website displayed will read something like this “Independent Review Walgreens Sizegenetics Male …”

sizegenetics walgreens

If you click on all the links displayed, they will take you to pages that have nothing to do with Sizegenetics. In fact I think the websites are hijacking people from the genuine websites. Here is an example of a website you may land on if you clicked.
sizegenetics scammers website

Pay attention to the top of the picture. “AS SEEN IN” then they listed very reputable news outlets such as The New York Times, Today, StyleWatch etc. To the unsuspecting customer, these seem to be a recommendation and you think, oh if this product has been featured on such news giants such as The New York Times, then it must be something extraordinarily good, something legit. This is how scammers trick people.

2. Try another search. Instead of Walgreens, try Walmart. “Sizegenetics Walmart”. The first website displayed will have the title “Walmart Now You Can Buy Sizegenetics Extender Erectile …” You have exactly the same situation. Whatever popular store or pharmacy you typed, they will always come up.

What Is This Telling You?
It is telling you that you cannot go to Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and buy Sizegenetics penis extender. You cannot and you shouldn’t trust any website that says you can buy Sizegenetics from them other than the official website. Go straight to the website and make your choice of their offers.

I think this is proof that there are scammers out there. I am giving you the genuine link to where you can buy SizeGenetics without the fear of being scammed.

I repeat! The only place to safely and securely buy the SizeGenetics Penis Stretcher is through their official website! Period!
This is 3 inchesbuy sizegenetics penis extender


I usually update this website from time to time with fresh information. So if you want to take advantage of that, head over to the best penis extenders on the market to see what newcomers have arrived.

I have tried my best to give you the best and the most valid information about how you can increase your penis length and girth with the best penis extender device. I have also pointed to possible scams and how you can avoid them. There is nothing left for me to do other than wishing you all the best in your endeavor to enlarge your penis or straighten your bent penis in case you suffer from Peyronie’s disease.