kayan people elongate necks using traction method

The Kayan People and Penis Extenders

Aside from their social and cultural importance, the Kayan Neck Rings are also used to tell the history of a Kayan woman. In addition to approving her cultural identity, they also provide protection against tiger attacks. In addition, the neck rings are believed to deter rival tribes from abducting a Kayan woman. Despite the risks of wearing the rings, many tourists visit the villages of the Kayan in North Thailand every year and purchase handicrafts from these women.

Penis Enlargement Traction Devices

Penis enlargement traction devices are a popular way to enhance a man’s penis. The process can create a monster-sized penis, and can help men achieve a much larger clitoris. These devices have been designed based on techniques used for centuries by indigenous peoples like the Kayan women for elongating their necks. This same technique called traction method is now used by medical professionals to increase the size of the penis. While the results can be impressive, most men want to avoid using traction devices for long periods of time. Using a tiger traction device can lead to extreme results and may result in injury, so proper use is important.

The traction devices work by allowing the penis to be stretched by a surgical-grade band connected to an anatomical base. These adjustable bands can be adjusted to the correct amount of traction, and can be worn during sleep or in bed. When used correctly, Sizegenetics penis enlargement traction devices are effective in achieving real gains in girth and length. These enlargement methods are effective and can take months to complete.

Penis enlargement traction devices should be comfortable to wear for prolonged periods. While these devices should be easy to use and comfortable to wear, they can be uncomfortable. You should consider purchasing an upgrade for comfort and added features, and these can be well worth the price. Having comfort without compromising strength allows you to wear your penis traction device for longer periods of time, accelerating the process. A doctor can prescribe an enlargement procedure that is safe for your health and the results will be noticeable within a few weeks.