The Real Benefits Of OTC Penis Enhancer Supplements

otc penis enhancer supplements

OTC penis enhancer supplements are well preferred by some men rather than using other forms of male sexual improvement. They claim it is more “complete”. Let us first list what advantages you can get from the best herbal or rather over the counter (OTC) penis enhancer supplements.

  • Bigger penis erections sizes
  • Last longer in sex
  • Prevent and cure premature ejaculation
  • Satisfy your partner with good functioning penis.

The confusion that OTC male enhancement products have caused on the internet has prompted us to launch this post with the aim to finally clarify some myths surrounding herbal supplements that are supposed to make the penis function a lot better.

Why Do You Need Penis Enhancer Supplements?

otc penis enhancer supplements
over the counter pills for men

Sex is by far the most important aspect of life. You can discuss it with me and even go to lengths about some philosophical aspects but it all boils down to sex. Why sex is the most important is a broad subject but if you think deeper you will agree that it is true. Then comes the subject of how a man can perform better in sex? The answer comes and descends on the proper functioning of the male sex organ – the penis. For it to function properly one needs something to trigger it into action.

Now some men are naturally gifted while others will need a “little nudge” to get their penises up and running. Of course the naturally gifted do not need a penis enhancer – wait there! Did I say they do not need a penis enhancer? Every man does need a kind of sexual stimulant. The sexual stimulant can come in any form be it increase of libido or getting powerful penis erections.

Facets Of Penis Enhancement

A man has only one organ for sex period. Now how can he make that single organ perform multiple functions in his sexual fantasy? Simple. Pay attention to the next lines.

If you want to be the stud in the bedroom and want to be what the late legend of soul music James Brown called “sex machine” then you have to be able to carry out the following in your sex encounters.

1. Be able to get erection as soon as the lady appears.

Some people believe in first impression. I believe in it too. If you cannot at the very start make the lady to notice that you are “hot” and that your sex instrument is ready then you are just not going to succeed in laying her. Imagine all the stuff a woman has to go through in order to make her man get an erection? You can at least relief her of that extra burden. Be a “Ready Freddy”. Solutions to that are OTC penis enhancer supplements but tarry on to the end.

2. Refrain From Ejaculating Fast

The sexual performance killer of all men – Premature ejaculation. Most men fear premature ejaculation even more than erectile dysfunction. A man suffering from ED can at least hide it and shy away from women in order to avoid the embarrassment but with premature ejaculation the situation is completely different.

Imagine you finally get a woman to have sex with you then just when you get started you cum. Worse still is the situation when you are already in her and just when she gets in the mood, when everything seems to be OK, you suddenly ejaculate and bring all the excitement to an abrupt end. SHAME! You should by all means avoid premature ejaculation.

3. Last Longer In Sex

This has many angles how you see it. To last longer in sex means to keep your penis erection as long as it takes all through a sex session. Some men get erections only to last less than 2 minutes into the actual action. Some men also lack the stamina. You see them panting heavily after sex. These men are not able to go for multiple sex sessions. Do OTC penis enhancer supplements rectify that too? You bet they do!

4. Increase Of Ejaculation Volume

Sperm production and the ability to discharge massive amounts of ejaculation volume is a rather overlooked aspect of male sexual enhancement. Make no mistake about it; this area is as important as other areas of sexual improvement for men such as stronger penile erections or bigger sizes of the male organ. Powerful orgasms are a thing you frequently experience if you as a man can ejaculate bigger volumes.

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Do OTC Penis Enhancers Supplements Increase Size?

Well this is a theme for discussion. In fact most discussions around male enhancement products have been either centered on erectile dysfunction or penis enlargement. Bigger is Better they say.

What I know is that a product like VigRx Plus makes your penis bigger when in erect state. Yes most of these over the counter penis enhancer supplements improve the sizes of your penis when in the erect state thereby making them big for sex.

There is a penis enlargement device which we are currently investigating. We will write our opinion right here on this web site. Therefore if you would like to be informed when we do that please subscribe to our Newsletter.

What OTC Penis Enhancer Supplements To Buy?

That question is becoming a little bit uneasy. Not because there are not many products but on the contrary because there are so many of them that one finds it really tiresome to filter out the good ones. I mean the ones that really work!

Because of that I will only pitch one OTC penis enhancement supplement against the other in the table and you as a reader make your personal choice. All the details are based on what we have got from the manufacturers as well as real men who have used the corresponding products.


We have been contacted by some manufacturers of some male enhancement products to do a positive review about their products. We declined because we believe that the products in question violate our rule to recommend only genuine products and those that work and will not pose danger to our readers.