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volume pills sperm increase herbalWith the help of a new herbal formula Volume Pills, you can now increase your semen ejaculate by up to 500%, shoot massive cum shots, gain extra sexual stamina, prevent premature ejaculation and improve your over all male sexual performance. Yes you read it right. This unique formula has shown real results with real men!

Herbal Pills Can Increase Your Sperm Volume

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According to the testimonial which Tim Tegge sent, his girlfriend loves to be dowsed by sperm and was embarrassed for not being able to meet her fantasy. Eventually he turned to VolumePills. Now he says he is grateful because Volume Pills have helped him and he and his girlfriend are now a very happy couple.


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Why Do Men Need Volume Pills?

Men Who Have Problems Of Male Infertility

Infertility is not a woman only issue. In many scientific tests it was shown that the man in most cases is the infertile of the couple. Little sperm volume, unhealthy sperm cells and lack of enough sperm count and motility are accountable for this.

Men Who Do Not Orgasm In Intercourse

natural semen volume pillsStrange as it may seem but there are men who have sex but fail to reach orgasm either due to the fact that their ejaculate volume is squanty or they fail to ejaculate at all. Without proper ejaculation, there is no orgasm.

Poor Erections And Loss Of Libido

Without the ability to produce larger volumes of semen, a man loses his libido and when he gets an erection that erection is very weak.

Loss Of Sexual Stamina

The inability to release bigger cumshots can make a man not to have sexual stamina. After he releases that is it. He cannot continue and thus can not have multiple sexual intercourse for a period of time.

Volume Pills are made from a mixture of natural ingredients and herbs which are all thoroughly tested under clinical conditions to guarantee effectiveness, safety and above all, customer’s satisfaction.

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While you can find other products but hardly can you find a male enhancement pill backed by doctors of great repute. Customers as well give their thumbs up for this amazing product – Volume Pills.

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What You Get From VolumePills

Increase your sperm ejaculate volume

The formula of Volume Pills contain ingredients such as zinc and amino acids which are known to help increase the amount of semen a man’s testes can produce.

Powerful and explosive orgasms

The bigger the quantity of your ejaculate, the longer, more powerful and more explosive your orgasms are. This brings about that feeling we all look for in sexual intercourse.

Remedy against male infertility

Doctors, Urologists as well as medical practitioners all confirm that the level of male fertility is directly connected to the amount of his sperm count and motility. Volume Pills help men to produce healthy and motile sperm cells.

Stronger erections that last longer

The herbs that are present in this product are proven aphrodisiacs. Their role is to improve blood circulation to the male organ which in turn enables a man to have stronger erections.

Stop to premature ejaculation

Premature is the most common and frequent male sexual disorder. This is the inability to control when a man will cum and he releases too soon. This is a bad sign for the man.

Stamina for multiple sex

When your testes are able to produce more sperm, you have the ability to perform multiple sex sessions which gives a boost to your sexual stamina and prowess. Your recovery time from previous ejaculation is greatly decreased to make you ready for the next session.

Increase your male libido

The natural ingredients are proven male libido boosters which increase your sex drive.

…Volume pills has the advantage to greatly help both partners to enjoy a fulfilling and prosperous sexual relationship!

Volume Pills have helped thousands of men overcome their sexual dysfunctions. You too can be part of those men that have benefited from Volume pills.
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Ingredients Of Volume Pills

Volume pills are a composition of 100% natural ingredient that will help you increase semen volume, libido, sperm count and motility.

Studies have proven that Solidilin improves sexual satisfaction and motivation. L-Dopa is also contained in the compound. L-Dopa which is a precursor to dopamine is the neurotansmitter in the brain responsible for the feeling of pleasure.

Xi Lan Rou Gui And Hong Hua Fen:
These two compounds help to open up the blood vessels to encourage more blood flow to the penis and stimulate an erection. They further help to maintain that same erection for a longer period of time.

Ku Gua:
It has been clinically proven that Ku Gua is very useful to aid with diabetes and the reduction of body fat. It helps the body to produce more testosterone which is essential for increasing semen production.

Embilica Officinalis And Trihydroxyflavone:
Essential for the health of sexual organs.

Other ingredients that help the enhancement of sperm and which are components of Volume pills include Ling Zhi, San Guo Mu, Dong Chong Xia Cao and Zinc Oxide.
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Volume pills offers a 6-month 100% money back guarantee if for any reason you are not satisfied with the product.

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