alcohol leads to erection failuresShould you consult a physician on the causes of erection failures, alcohol is probably one of the first factors that will be mentioned. I have heard people talking about how their libido or sex urge spiked after taking a couple of glasses of an alcoholic beverage. Yes, that may be true but science has proven time and again that too much of alcohol is detrimental to health in general.

It is not uncommon to see men making “a pig” of themselves due to drunkenness. Drinking too much can have adverse effects on health. Maybe not immediately, but it shows up with time. It is a cumulative process. Oh yes, too much of anything is bad.

We are talking about alcohol being a bad thing if you want to be sexually powerful and to get your erection up anytime you want, you must curb it. We have outlined other causes of erection failures as well. Once you know why your erection is not as strong as you would like then it is time to get an erection enhancer supplement to help you out.