cum more

Cum more, say that among your so called friends and watch each of their reactions especially if the audience happens to be the older generation. Generations of 50 years olds and more. I don’t know why people cringe at certain words such as “cum”. Everybody uses them on a daily basis in almost every conversation yet; they cringe when another person says it. Would you consider that double standard? Well, we at herbal health for men don’t like double standards and we say things the way they are.

That being said, we will begin our step by step exploration of this phrase “cum more”. I everyday jargon, it means ejaculate more or release more ejaculate volumes etc. However, this phrase can be very broad. Therefore we will break it down a little bit.

Semen Ejaculate Volumes

Semen ejaculate volumes plays a significant role in a man’s sexual performance abilities. Low sperm counts, little ejaculate volumes and low sperm motility and believe it or not erectile dysfunction all contribute to the way a man is prepared for sex. Either he fails or comes on top, there is no other option. Period.

We have written blog posts and even written a review of what we think is one of the best herbal pills that can make you cum more. All you need is to navigate each of the resources we have for you and make your own decision.

On the other hand, we encourage you to read how to naturally increase semen volume and count and get familiarized with what you need to do if per chance you are a sufferer from low sperm issues.
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