picture shows statistics that 2 million people suffer from depression in the US aloneDepression is a very serious health matter. Fortunately, medical science has made significant advancements and today, depression can be curtailed and even treated. If not treated in time, depression can lead to other more severe health issues. One of the major areas where depression can have adverse effect on a man is in his sexual health. Erectile dysfunction is the most frequent product of this. There are other aspects of male health that are affected by depression as we will see later on.

Medical science defines depression as a kind of disorder to the mind. The disorder usually causes a person to lose interest totally and be sad for no particular reason at all. This condition can further lead to even more grave emotional issues.

The milder forms are avoiding normal daily activities, withdrawing to oneself and avoiding socialization with people altogether. The most serious forms and outcomes are suicidal thoughts and the actual suicide itself. This is a condition nobody wants to be in, but it happens.

Unfortunately, this issue is on the rise due to the fast pace of lifestyle we run these days. There are however things you can do. That too will be another topic to be discussed concerning male health.

This is well beyond the scope of this website. We can only refer to it as a by-product and causes of some milder health issues. We therefore encourage you to search for answers on more authoritative websites or the best option of talking to your personal doctor.

Depression is a killer. If you think you have this condition, please do not hesitate before you talk to somebody and seek help.